Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 30, 2006

I put on an RSS site feed for my blog today. So now y'all can take my feed and know when I have something new posted.

I'll be heading back to Toronto over this coming Labour Day long weekend. Looking forward to seeing my family again and checking out how's changed. Also will get to try out my new laptop. I had purchased it before coming here to California, but unfortunately I didn't get it delivered until after I got here. I've been told that "it's honking HUGE"! I'll see for myself just how behemoth this thing really is. Perhaps I shouldn't call it a laptop but instead call it a portable desktop.

Tid bit 'o trivia: one must use a special breathing technique when flying at super sonic speeds or else one could pass out. Caught this little bit of info when I was watching a show called 'future weapons' (or something like that) and they had a segment on the stealthy joint strike jet fighter.


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