Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Discovery Walk

This past Sunday (2007.04.08) we went for a walk around our apartment complex and I took some photos of course... the photos alone may not have been as interesting so I decided to 'photoshop' them together and produced the following:

I learned a few (new) techniques and decided to apply some of this knowledge to my photos. For example, the background is of the marble/granite (whatever rock) ground but I changed the overall hue and saturated it a bit more.

Next, I took some of the more interesting photos I shot and made them into Polaroids; giving them each a drop shadow for a feeling of more depth.

The panoramic shot was taken from my apartment balcony and used the AutoStitch program to stitch the individual photos together to produce the panoramic view (I didn't use the PhotoStitch software that came with my camera because it couldn't install).

I put a white frame around the panorama and also added a drop shadow.

Lastly, I added the '- Discovery Walk -' text with drop shadow, outer glow, and bevel and emboss layer styles.

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