Saturday, June 09, 2007

Centre Island Bridge

While I snapped the panoramic lake front view of Toronto's skyline from Centre Island (see my previous post: Toronto Postcard), I also took in other sights on the Island and snapped this one of a bridge. [I think it's rather incredible that we have the capability to build bridges.]

If you get a chance to go to Toronto, I highly recommend a visit to Centre Island. There is a ferry that takes you to and from the Island... I believe the last ferry leaving from the Island on most nights is 11:00pm.

Here are some activity ideas to do on the Island:
- biking; you can bring your own, or you can rent from a rental place there; they have a 4-seater that resembles a carriage
- rollerblading
- picnic
- swimming / tanning / whatever at the beach; there are a couple beaches there
- paddle boats (rentals)
- going for a stroll
- drawing

You can combine several activities too if you plan on spending the entire day there.

The admission price is basically the ferry ride.


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